PVC Plantation Shutters - Australian

Our Australian Made PVC Shutters are a premium grade PVC Shutter, almost impossible to differentiate between timber, with colour extruded through the entire PVC, and strengthened with an aluminium core - the finish is exceptional. We build our PVC Shutters to last the test of time, carrying a full 10 year warranty. 

PVC Shutters are excellent for any area, including high moisture areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, and are easily cleaned and maintained.

Buying online means you can have the satisfaction of DIY and a large reduction in cost. 

The benefits of PVC over Timber are: (1) No discernible difference visually between timber & PVC (2) Double the warranty (3) Half the delivery/ manufacture time (4) Australian Made (5) Durability: more resistant to scratches (and if scratched the colour is the same underneath vs timber shutters where timber is exposed when the paint is scratched)


Lead Time: 5 wks | Warranty: 10 Years | Made: Australia | FREE DELIVERY

  • 1_PVC_Australian_Made_Plantation_Shutters_Z-Frame_White_Mid-Rail_Hidden-Control_D-Mould
  • 2_PVC_Australian_Made_Plantation_Shutters_Hinged_D-Mould_Z-Frame_Hidden-Architrave_White_Hidden-Control
  • 3_PVC_Australian_Made_Plantation_Shutters_Hinged_Hidden-Control_Z-Frame_Hidden-Architrave_White
  • 4_PVC_Australian_Made_Plantation_Shutters_Hinged_Z-Frame_Hidden-Architrace_D-Mould_Hidden-Control_White
  • 5_PVC_Australian_Made_Plantation_Shutters_Hinged_Z-Frame_Hidden-Architrave_Hidden-Control_White
  • 6_PVC_Australian_Made_Plantation_Shutters_Magnetic-Catch_White
  • 7_PVC_Australian_Made_Plantation_Shutters_Magnetic-Catch_Z-Frame_Hidden-Architrave_White
  • 8_PVC_Australian_Made_Plantation_Shutters_Sliding_Frame_Mid-Rail_Hidden-Control_White
  • 9_PVC_Australian_Made_Plantation_Shutters_Sliding_Headboard_Side_Hidden-Control_White
  • 10_PVC_Australian_Made_Plantation_Shutters_Sliding_Headboard_Hidden-Control_White
  • 11_PVC_Australian_Made_Plantation_Shutters_Sliding_Headboard_Hidden-Control_Open_White
  • 12_PVC_Australian_Made_Plantation_Shutters_Sliding_By-Pass_Bottom-Guide_White
  • 13_PVC_Australian_Made_Plantation_Shutters_Sliding_Bottom-Guide_Hidden-Control_White

Step 1: Enter Measurements

Room name:
(e.g. Master Bedroom, Lounge Room)
Width (mm):
Min (250 mm), Max (3600 mm)

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Height (mm):
Min (250 mm), Max (3000 mm)

Type of Measure:
What's this?

Step 2: Select Colour

Extruded Colours

White plantation shutters are extremely popular, and our Australian Made PVC shutters offers the most popular colours for you to choose from. Our colours are extruded, which means the colour is the entire way through the PVC - not just a paint over the top providing a durable finish, resistant to scratches and dents.

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